What is powder coating wheels?

Powder coating wheels is a process where a fine powder is sprayed onto the bare metal surface of wheels and then heated to form a durable and protective layer. The powder is typically made of resin and pigment particles that melt and fuse together during the heating process, creating a smooth and even coating. This method is popular for its ability to provide a long-lasting finish that is resistant to chipping, scratching, fading, and corrosion. 

Do you powder coat rims?

Yes, powder coating rims is actually preferred over painting them. All newer cars rims come powder coated from the factory. What we do is strip the original powder coating off and apply a powder coating color of your choice.

How do you powder coat a wheel?

With our process, we take care of the entire job for you.

Traditionally, you’d have to take your wheels off yourself, take them to a tire shop to dismount the tires, and then finally take your rims to the powder coater. This could take anywhere from a week to a month to get your rims back to you.

Step 1: We can get you in and out the same-day, all you have to do is drop off your car. We’ll get your car on our lift, dismount tires, and stick your rims in our strip tank, which strips off all the original coating down to the bare metal.

Step 2: From there, we hang your rims on our racks and put them in our industrial oven to heat them up to 400 degrees. This bakes off any impurities still left in the porous metal, insuring that there won’t be any imperfections.

Step 3: After they’ve baked for a bit, we pull the rims out of the oven and powder coat them with the color of your choice before putting them back in the oven for the powder coating to melt into a hard shell and cure.

Step 4: After the powder coating has cured, we pull the rims out of the oven again and let the rims cool before we mount and balance your tires and put everything back together for you in record time.

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Is it cheaper to powder coat wheels than buy new ones?

In most cases, it is cheaper to powder coat wheels than buy new ones. If your wheels are chrome it does become cheaper in the long run to purchase new ones. We can still powder coat chrome wheels, however, we won’t offer a lifetime warranty as the powder doesn’t always adhere properly and is more prone to failure. If you have a new rim with a two tone finish (machined face) that has curb rash – its typically around the same cost to refinish it or buying new ones depending on the make of the vehicle. If the two tone wheel is bent then buying a new one is your only option.

What does it cost to powder coat 4 wheels?

Our pricing varies depending on the service you want. For a vehicle drop off, which comes with same day service, a set of 4 wheels on any single coat color is $900 + tax. For loose wheel drop offs, typically a 2-4 Business day turn around rate, single coat colors start at $750 + tax. Some colors do require a clear coat to be applied over them in order to achieve the desired color or to prevent the desired color from oxidizing from exposure to the elements. If a clear is required it automatically increases the price by $300 + tax.

Will powder coating peel off?

No powder coat is 100% peel, cracking, or flaking proof. However, we offer a lifetime warranty with our powder coating services for wheels! So if at any time it does start to crack, flake, or peel we will fix it for free. Our lifetime warranty does not cover any user/human error. IE curb rash, getting new wheels installed, or accidents of any nature.

Do you powder coat rims with wheels?

Absolutely! Weather you are doing a vehicle drop off or loose wheel drop off we actually prefer if you bring them with tires. If you want us to install new tires, once we are done with powder coating we also prefer that as well. The reasoning behind this is so that way we can guarantee that when we remount and balance your wheels there wont get messed up in the process. If by chance this does happen we can then restart the process and make sure you get a product that you will absolutely love when you drive away.