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Colorwerks offers a wide variety of Exterior automotive services. We believe a vehicle should be just as unique as the person behind the wheel. Our obsession with customization has made us the only true 1 stop auto shop in Denver. From powder coating your wheels, tinting your windows or protecting your vehicle’s paint we have an in house process and team sure to deliver the highest quality product. 

Our facility and unique powder coating process make us one of the only shops you can drop off your entire vehicle and have all the necessary services completed right here, in-house. We have built a completely new segment in the automotive accessory market with an emphasis on powder coating and we are here to make your ride stand out amongst the mass of ordinary.

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Powder Coating & High Temp Coatings - 4 WHEELS Starting at $675 | Brake Calipers starting at $800

OUR SPECIALTY. Powder coating is a custom finish for metal objects that’s more durable than paint. Here at ColorWerks, we have over 6,500+ color options to choose from!


Tires and wheels

Get a 10% discount when you purchase tires with your wheel powder coating service. 


Automotive Vinyl - Starting at $2,950

This gives you the ability to change the color of your car at a fraction of the cost compared to painting your car. 


Window Tint - Starting at $400

Includes full ceramic tint (by Llumar) with a lifetime warranty that can protect the inside of your windows with different shades at your liking. 


Clear Bra - Starting at $500

Help protect your vehicle from any UV damage, rock damage, and car scratches. We use Llumar and Xpel.


Paint Correction - Starting at $800

One to three stage approach to perfect the paint and remove scratches and swirls. 


Ceramic Coating - Starting at $500

A ceramic coating is a kind of exterior vehicle finish. It's hand-applied liquid polymer. A ceramic coating is something which bonds at a chemical level with the original paint of a vehicle in order to form up a hydrophobic protective layer.


Ceramic Polishing - Starting at $850

Ceramic polishing will give you the same look as a chrome wheel. Alterantive to chrome dipping.


Paintless Dent Repair - Starting at $50 Per Dent

Remove minor and massive dents from your automobile.

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ColorWerks has made it easier than ever to shop new tires for your wheels. Click below to search through our online warehouse. Order online and we will have them ready for you in-store.


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